What is RevenYOU?

RevenYOU is a trading app that let you trade on exchanges by using smart algorithms. And let your money work for you even while you sleep.

How? We found the algorithm. Our app connects you to powerful bots that outperform the old experts. Adapting real time to stay one step ahead, there’s a bot for every kind of investment tempo – whether you like to take risks or play it safe, we have the right bot for you. Whether you’re dreaming of a little extra to set aside or the full blown ready-set-retire, thanks to RevenYOU serious fun trading is just an app-tap away.


  • RevenYOU is finger-tip trading. YOU and the world’s most powerful algorithm bots beating and prospering as one, on your smart phone. It’s game-changingly simple.

    Stefan, founder of RevenYOU
We want you to go prosper.

Playing the trading game doesn’t require years of experience anymore. There are such things as financial algorithms – so normal that 76% of all the world’s trading on exchanges are executed using them. What RevenYOU does is harness the algorithms’ power – pop it in a smart phone, any smart phone – and place it right under everyone’s finger tips. Et Voilà the trading playing field is well and truly levelled, in one easy tap.

To put this algorithm power in perspective: Big guns like Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan use them with returns of 15% to 50% p/a. Asset managers Vanguard and BlackRock do the same. The difference with revenYOU is zero. Oh, except that mystifying mumbo jumbo jargon and that mountainous commission we first mentioned. We’ve eliminated every bit of that.

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