Start with only one automated trading strategy (bot).
Follow it with virtual money to get started.
Like the results? Use real money.


What is RevenYOU?

RevenYOU is the app that’s come along to funk up the world of financial trading. Lifting the ropes on the area once reserved for the investment VIPs, so the whole world can feel the rush of success in the booming investment arena.

For everyone

RevenYOU does not require any experience of knowledge of trading. We just show you the top 10 best robot strategies according to your profile, and you click play. Just like you do with Spotify: You choose a song and just click play. You are totally in control while you sit back and relax. We keep the costs low and returns optimal. We are radically changing the investment industry.

Q4 2018 update:
  • - 6400 teams of developers and Artificial Intelligence data scientist
  • - 26.000 automated trading strategies are being developed
  • - Launch of app: January or February 2019
  • - Our platform will start in the cryptomarket, but it will quickly expand to other trading options like forex and commodities


Welcome to the future

Enter the world of the bots

What is a bot?

A bot is an automated trading strategy. For example: One bot from team Ada Lovelace (one the 6000 teams) is made by 7 people. It uses proven strategies from Wall street, external information (Machine learning) and it’s tested continuously. It works 24/7.

You can start it with just one tap on your smartphone.

Bots flourishing on RevenYOU

  • 1. Leveraged sentiment Machine Learning
  • 2. A.I. trending long/short
  • 3. Investment Prof. VIP
  • 4. Low risk, basic periodic high effect
  • 5. Buy/Hold top sell 12

How do you choose a bot?

It's just like choosing a song on Spotify. You select bots based on profit, risk, the team, trading strategy and what you want to trade.


Bots choice



All new bots are tested by us, to make sure they live up to our safety standards. We run the bot within secure environment and check rigorously to make sure it doesn't behave suspiciously. If the bot gets through these tests, we publicize it.

RevenYOU keeps it simple.


Bots never sleep.
So you can.

Select a bot that follows financial stability. It sells automatically when a crash hits your savings.

RevenYOU makes trading experience obsolete


Easy to use. Pick your favourite bot and play.

RevenYOU is the Spotify of trading. Just select your favorite bot of our list. You can make your choice based on recent profit, track record, risk, popularity and much more!

Start in just 3 minutes.

When you log in you directly have access to all our bots and algoritmes. You can start trading in just 3 minutes.

No cost cash out

RevenYOU will not charge you anything to cash out. We aim to make using our platform as easy and user-friendly as possible.

Totally transparant

The investment world is not open and transparent. RevenYOU will change that. You’ll have access to a transparant overview of the best traders and trading strategies with one single click.

No experience required.

We’ve kept the app as simple as possible. So everyone can join and trade like a pro.

We’re here to help you.

Reach out! Let us know if you have any questions, we’d love to have a chat about our project. Call or WhatsApp us here: +31 - 628062202

Totally transparant

The investment world is not open and transparent. RevenYOU will change that. You’ll have access to a transparant overview of the best traders and trading strategies with one single click.

No experience required.

We’ve kept the app as simple as possible. So everyone can join and trade like a pro.

We answer the phone. We’re there to help you.

Start a conversation or ask your questions. We’ll give you all the answers about trading and how the app works best for you. Call +31 - 238 882 059

Revenyou makes trading worth it.

One tap in our app unlocks the expert world of trading.

We make trading
as easy as Spotify.
Choose your groove
and play.

A short story

“Diana, a 26 year old junior account manager from Cardiff, has some savings she can miss. She decides to investigate different forms of investing and trading. She downloads the RevenYOU app on her smartphone and invests a ‘virtual’ 1000 pounds to see what the platform has to offer.

Via the algorithms selected for her by RevenYOU, she chooses a bot called Hudson - one that doesn’t seem too risky, and could offer a pleasant yield (the last two months trading yielded 13% revenue).

Diana can easily check her daily investment progress and share the results with friends. Diana makes around 6% profit a month.


How does it work?

The best teams

Good bots are the result of a team that works hard to compete with everyone. Our app will help you find the teams destined for greatness.

Never miss a beat

Bot makers are always busy, improving old and creating new bots.

All you need to know about a bot

Know what to expect, before you invest.

Profit, while you sleep

Bots trade 24/7, see what your bot did overnight in a single glance . RevenYOU allows you to keep track of the progress made by any of your investments.

Love to know all about RevenYOU?

Invest in the finance app of the future.


Get access to the best bots first

Step in before it’s too late. Time is money.

The clock is ticking. Participate now and prosper like never before.

The secret power of the YOUtoken.

The YOUtoken is the fuel for the automated trading strategies. The number of YOUtokens is limited, while de demand for the YOUtoken grows with every trade the bots make.

According to the law of supply and demand, the YOUtoken will rise in value and add value to your investments.

The RevenYOU app is not for the super rich.

It's for the 99% who want the same opportunities as the super rich.
Why do we make
higher % than bankers?

Normal investment banks have high traditional costs due to capital expenditure, significant bonus structures and salary payouts. It’s considered ‘normal’ but who do you think ends up paying for these expenses? You, the user. RevenYOU avoids this extra cost entirely, our bots don’t ask for million dollar bonuses.

But hey, they do their work, right? Well… 4% yield a year. To be honest, we see teams on our platform doing much, much better. Is it talent? Is it hard work?

For sure it involves cutting edge IT, technology and Machine Learning.

Our platform generously rewards the botmakers while keeping the total costs to run our services much lower than what the traditional bankers have to offer you. We work hard on the right tasks. No abundant costs, no valuable time lost on side activities. We constantly optimize trading strategies and algorithms. Day in, day out, without stopping.

“In 1602 the stock exchange was invented by a Dutchman.
Now, the guys from RevenYOU take the next big step.”

“RevenYOU is finger-tip trading. YOU and the world’s most powerful
algorithm bots beating and prospering on your smartphone.”

“RevenYOU takes you to the future:
Trading created by the smartest minds:
Automated, Shared Knowledge, Big Data
and Artificial Intelligence”

“417 years ago, the stockmarket as we know it was born.
Now, the historic next step is made:
Higher yield and lower risk for everybody.”

Meet the botmakers.

There are over 6400 teams of botmakers (and growing fast). They make 5-100 bots per team.

With RevenYOU you can trade wherever you want.

RevenYOU is a startup.

We are a team of hard-working people with dreams of democratizing the world of finance. We are human and have our flaws. But with your support, we are certain that we can make good things happen! Join us in revolutionizing the way people trade.

We achieved a lot in a short time span. We already have 6,400 teams of botmakers ready to shake up the financial industry. Our ‘portal’ is ready. We have more than 1,000 people invested in our company and more than 80,000 curious individuals that follow our ambitions on Facebook. We are well financed and well prepared!

RevenYOU is a platform.

We offer a platform, not a financial product. We start our journey with cryptocurrencies and will move to traditional markets over time. Your investments will not be on the platform, always on trusted exchanges.

RevenYOU awards your curiosity.

Although warranties cannot be given, we give early investors bonuses and access to investment professionals. In that way, you have access to the best bots that are currently available!


The secret of the RevenYOU.

A brilliantly simple two-step formula:

1. Portal

We possess the system that JP Morgan can only dream of. We call it PORTAL: the open-to-all financial algorithm and A.I. development program. A space where thousands of developers can build, share and prosper.

2. World

We include the world. Making winning algorithms accessible to billions thanks to the RevenYOU app. An app that transforms complex investing into simple finger-tip trading.

Wanna know more about RevenYOU?

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