Top 5 reasons to invest

  • You can use Fiat and cryptocurrency to invest
  • All transactions are immediately connected to our smart contract on our ERC223 Blockchain.
  • Start investing from as low as € 50
  • We have a working product. The proof of the pudding is our RevenYOU League
  • Our algorithms are doing +145% revenue, sometime even 256%
  • Open source platforms, attract all creativity, skills and creates communities
  • Trading on exchanges will be accessible for everyone. Target group 1 billion people.
  • Because YOU invest, this platform will grow faster. Who benefits? that's YOU to.
  • Your tokens will keep it’s value in the app. 
Outside the app the value will grow
  • RevenYOU is the fintech unicorn, 
financial disruptive innovation for all
  • We will list the token on the biggest exchanges, we made the reservations!
  • Exchanges love transactions, RevenYOU will provide these. They will love us!
  • Investors gain first access to the algorithms
  • We start with over 25.000 trading robots when the app goes live.
  • Founders already build multiple successful businesses, they know what they are doing

What is RevenYOU!?

RevenYOU is the app that’s come along to funk up the world of financial trading. Lifting the ropes on the area once reserved for the investment VIPs, so the whole world can feel the rush of success in the booming investment arena.

How? We found the algorithm. Our app connects you to the most powerful bots beating to the algorithms that are outperforming the old experts. Adapting real time to stay one step ahead, there’s a bot for every kind of investment tempo – from smooth groove to rock and high roller. Whether you’re dreaming of a little extra to set aside or the full blown ready-set-retire, thanks to RevenYOU serious fun trading is just an app-tap away.


VIP Sale
30 %
More YOUtokens
August 08 - 26
Minimum investment ETH 1.700
1 ETH = 65.000 YOU
Buy 30% more YOUtoken Buy tokens 15% bonus
25 %
More YOUtokens
August 08 - 26
Minimum investment ETH 0,005
1 ETH = 62.500 YOU
token rate
Buy 25% more YOUtoken
  • 85% Public + Agio
    All backers/investors in the RevenYOU ITO
    (Unlock Jan 2019)
  • 9% Team
    All the hard work and efforts of the team involved in RevenYOU
    (33,3% unlock Jan 2019, 33,3%% unlock Jan 2020, 33,3% unlock Jan 2021)
  • 2% Affiliate
    Reserved for affiliates that activate others to support RevenYOU by investing in it.
    (Unlock Jan 2019)
  • 2% League & Bounty
    Reserved for the prize pool at the league
    (Unlock Jan 2019)
  • 1% Partnerships
    Reserved for financing important partners for the platform
    (Unlock Jan 2019)
  • 1% Advisors
    You can’t know everything. We reserve this for the valuable advice of third parties.
    (Unlock Jan 2019)
Stefan Bijen

Stefan's How:

I'm a White Hat hacker, falcon sharp - hunting for leaks in systems, eyes always scanning for platform perfection. Fixing that glitch, those steps too many is my game. And, I don’t stop playing until I’ve tweaked the code to resolve - ironing out every single kink. I earnt my top-of-the-leader-board platform building stripes from years working on game engine programming – leading builds at highly sucessful start-ups in both Europe and Asia.

Stefan's Why:

I believe a better world is a more stable world – a more equal world. That means enabling 2.8 billion people access to the same trading technology now only available to the 1%. Those ringing in double digit returns on their investments, while others barely reach 1-2%.

Colin Groos

Colin's How:

A salesman by nature, I’ve developed several successful platforms and innovative websites; winning entrepreneur of the year in 2018 with our business Bootzeil. I believe the key to success is blending development, marketing, economics and new technologies (Blockchain, Algorithms, and Cryptocurrencies) to bring sales to a whole new level, to create the very best form of revenue.

Colin's Why:

RevenYOU is our way to level the playing field. Resisting the rise and rise of monopolies, by blazing the trail for a more open world in which anyone with a smart phone and a pocket full of change can get in on those high returns.

Michiel Stokman

Michiel's How:

I continue where others stop. Seeing possible where others see problem. I’m able to generate multiple successful ideas at a time and get most excited when an idea disrupts established methodology to create big impact. This all began when I became the first internet headhunter in the Netherlands. I look convention in the face until I find a way to jam around it to make that new idea the new normal. So too with RevenYOU.

Michiel's Why:

We are rewriting the way money flows: RevenYOU finds good investments, big or small, earlier - creating a new and transparent era of financial market efficiency.

Anita Kwakman
Project management
In one word (that I made up myself because one didn’t exist)… I unburden. I delete the pain and pile on the pleasure. That’s what I’ll be doing for all RevenYOU events. I can do this because I love the composing bit. The bit that heaps of people shy well away from because it’s chaos before it’s calm success. I love to orchestrate – mixing marketing, communication and media skills into one perfect harmonious whole. One that has a booming bass, a moving melody and huge, trickily spoonfuls of the soul. One that has people wanting to listen to more. Yes, you’re invited!
Anna Chojnacka
Founder & President - GoodUp
I'm Founder of the 1% club and - the European leader in providing do-good platforms to boost employee engagement. We match visionaries (people with a storm of world-changing ideas) to achievers (people who want to invest their time, money and skills in ideas like these). My mantra is; Let's change the world together. How? By harvesting all the unused potential for ideas with social good at their heart. Poor people lack real opportunities. RevenYOU has the power to bypass bad, local financial and banking infrastructure. When you consider that even the highly praised ‘micro-loans’ work with 30% interest rates, RevenYOU offers the real opportunity: smart, fair and decentralized.
Christian Maeder
Tax Expert Attorney
I am happy to act as a legal advisor for RevenYOU – a project I feel passionate about since I believe in making winning algorithms accessible to everyone. With our great team of specialized lawyers at the law firm Reichlin Hess AG we are advising blockchain projects in various industry sectors by ensuring their regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, and tax optimization in Switzerland. In addition, we have a broad network of experts in the crypto-industry so that we can ensure a successful and strong foundation of the ITO in Switzerland.
Dave van den Akker
I am a specialist in multilingual communication. Creating and implementing highly effective workflows that make it possible to communicate worldwide in a consistent and professional manner is my main passion in business.
My expertise ranges from terminology and translation management to the creation and application of effective machine translation engines.
I'll be here to make sure that RevenYOU’s communication is available and understood across the world. And understanding the message is just the beginning: the impact of every story, every shared experience will be equally great in every country and every language.

RevenYOU should always be able to speak to everyone in their own language. I’ll make sure that’s possible!
Hulmo Christiaansen
Principal Engineer
I’m Hulmo, and I’m also the human lynchpin between RevenYOU and the developer community. My expertise is functioning and algorithms. I test the hell out of those beating bot beauties. I work the hell out of them. I am like the world’s best parent – supporting developers to be the best they… well, ok let’s not carried away… I help them create the best algorithms in the world. Automated trading on stock exchanges, cryptocurrency trading, Forex, assets such as rare-earth metals, shares, dividend funds …RevenYOU (and every YOU) come up with it, and I test it for strategy, feasibility, profitability, and ultimately success.
Marianne Woolwich
Chief Coach
I am Marianne – chief coach at Diamond Bridge and the devil’s advocate of RevenYOU. Here to hear RevenYOU’s demons – so they can go beyond and beat them. My experience enables me to lean back and see the big picture and lean in to press for more detail whenever it’s needed. I like teams that strive for perfection because that’s what I’m trained at producing. That’s why RevenYOU speaks to me, and why it speaks to you.
Michael Greenberg
Michael is an Entrepreneurs with gigantic ambition and several successful, award-winning companies to his name. This is one guy who understands blockchain and cryptocurrency inside out. Michael brings with him over twenty years working experience within the corporate world, Non-Profit and the tech startups holding a number of senior positions. Apart from being a business owner, he launched one of Europe’s first Angel Investment Networks. You can also think of him as a Condor, who has a great span of interests, an idea generator, always one step ahead of the game, always driven to achieve the highest goals, well disciplined, highly creative, inspiring. And he continues when others stop. He has lived and worked in the US, UK, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Israel, Bulgaria and has probably attended more events worldwide than anyone we have ever met before!. In his spare time, he loves learning about new technologies, climbing mountains and experiencing to cook new cuisines.

His mission: Creating a new era of financial market efficiency for all.
Paul Van Gent
PhD researcher / data scientist
My daily business is smart in-car autonomous systems; the subject of my Ph.D. The mission driving my career and passions is the enabling of open source platforms and toolboxes to power researchers, students, and ambitious individuals to achieve more and create fairer, more accessible, financial ecosystems. Currently, you need big money to trade; small amounts are not feasible. Knowledge is centralized in big firms and investment platforms which creates a situation that favors the established. We know from research that reducing crime, religious extremism and general instability in a given region is prosperity for all. RevenYOU has the ability to accelerate a better vision of the future – one where all get an equal chance – hence me pouring my heart and my obsession with all things data and micro-electronics into RevenYOU.

Mission: Leveraging big data and deep learning methods to create a fairer, more accessible, financial ecosystem.

Currently, the ability to invest depends on big money, investing small amounts is not feasible. One of the main drivers is that this knowledge is centralized in big firms and investment platforms. This creates an unfair situation that disproportionately favors the already rich. We know from research that the main driver to reduce crime, religious extremism and general instability in a given region is prosperity for all. If RevenYOU can contribute to extra impetus towards this future vision that would be absolutely amazing.
Ruud Nijs
RSM & Sustainability
Hi, I’m Ruud and my domain is Corporate Social Responsibility. I know that companies that have CSR at their heart have more chance of sustainable success. That’s why I’m here for the RevenYOU ITO. I can back up these rather epic claims with 14 years of experience with CSR led start-ups. I’m a scaleup expert, and I’ll gather on my network, expertise at exec level and background in supervising numerous IPOs to make RevenYOU fly. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a buzzword for me. It is the only thing that will ensure the planet continues to be a planet for our kids. Full stop, amen.
Swati Bhalla
Digital Marketing Expert
I am a Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert who leverages initiative and resourcefulness to deliver excellence in meeting the business objectives.

Some of my key achievements:
Transformed a relatively non-existent social media profile into an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, and Instagram and other valuable social media channels.
Built email database from 1,100 to 3,200+

Developed and executed SEO strategy that achieved and sustained top 3 rankings on Google (organic, nonpaid results) for key product search terms. Created successful one-pager for different social media channels.
Improved Google AdWords ROI by 107% and achieved top organic ranking for key phrases.
I Believe in Work-Life Balance / Time Management / Productivity, for me, digital marketing is not only my passion it’s my vocation.

I am an Urbanite, Foodie, Explorer, Aspiring person.

I love traveling, my favorite number is 15, I’m not a huge fan of politics, Iike playing games on mobile, my favorite food is Chicken, and I am really really scared of crocodiles.
Tamino Grentzius
Data center deployment technician
Look at my title it’s a true tongue twister! Let me quickly untwist…. data centers are my haven and playground. I’ve built them for Google, Microsoft, and AT&T. Yes, it’s true I’ve seen heaps. And, I use all I’ve seen to build, upgrade, transform and policy companies with the same potential as the aforementioned few. I’ll be ensuring data storage is as tight as a high-security prison for RevenYOU, so the world can be freed to go prosper! Oh, and leave it up to me – zero downtime, 100% uptime. All the time.
Lara Riemens
Community Manager
Hi! I’m Lara, a second-year student at Amsterdam University College. I’m combining medical studies with international relations, which is a bit unusual but right up my alley! RevenYOU appealed to me because it’s a company with an open mindset and the goal of making trading tools available for everyone rather than an exclusive group of people. As part of the Social Media team I want to make RevenYOU as accessible and engaging as possible, by sharing our growth and successes, as well as by having open ears to what our followers might have to say.
Bas Janssen
Community Manager
I will be part of the social media team here at RevenYOU. I previously worked as a tech support agent for a major telephone service company. My interest in finance and the Crypto world brought me to RevenYOU. I believe RevenYOU is doing something very important. We are opening the financial world up to the general public in a way that doesn’t require you to spend hours upon hours of learning to use old-school trading tools. By doing so it becomes possible for everybody to use dispensable income to grow capital effectively through trading. I will be working hard keep all of you informed every step of the way.
Ference Sebök
Creative visual producer
My life as Freelance Visual Specialist for a variety of clients ranging from Television, to IT start ups to Artists who need music videos, have brought me to RevenYOU.

For RevenYOU I am weaving strong story lines with memorable images and creating a visual experience that will leave you with a feeling of surprise and maybe a smile or a tear.

I love developing unique and playful visual content to give vibrance to the compelling stories of revenYOU's platform and impact on people of all walks of life, that uses RevenYOU's app worldwide. I visualize “revenYOU for everyone”, and the impact of this idea to the world.

I am excited to work in this new direction of independent finance and I am convinced it will be an exciting period with Team RevenYOU.
Anna Konijnendijk
Community Manager
I am a second year humanities student at the Amsterdam University College, where I major in media studies. What I like about working at RevenYOU is that it strives for accessibility and openness: we all work together to make the best product possible and everyone’s voice is heard. I am part of the Social Media Team, where we write, correct and moderate posts to keep our developers, investors and users up to date on the latest buzz and all the exciting progress we’re making.
Michiel Gerritsen
Website Developer
Hi, i'm Michiel. I am working in the e-commerce industry for over 10 years as a developer. I've worked for small companies run from an attic, to multi millions enterprise companies. I love tested code that looks great and works even better. At RevenYOU i enjoy the intelligence and drive of the team. The hard work we do to make the world a more fair place by utilising the latest in technology.
Joaquim Pedro Antunes
Blockchain specialist
Call me an criptoeconomist, blockchain and IT architect with a passion for not talking about, but creating the future. Revenyou is decentralising the world of investing. It just needs to be done. The time is now.
Fen Natthanaphop
Community Manager
I am here to support any questions you have about RevenYOU. I am a dedicated person with passion for investment, trading and lifting heavy stuffs. I enjoy my leisure time cafe hopping to fill up my caffeine level and going to the gym. I also enjoy reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills, communication skills and presentation abilities. I have been successful in my academic life and investing, and I attribute this success to my ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. This flexibility will help me in the classroom and workplace, where there are many different personalities and learning styles. If you have any questions about RevenYOU, just let me know and I’ll be there help!
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Now the whole world
can feel the rush of success
in the booming investment arena

Our app

Upcoming Events

June 1st Kick off show (16.00-17.00 Mid European Time)
July 6th introduction teams and start Qualifying stage
August 10th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
August 24th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
September 7th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
September 21th Qualifying Stage – live update show
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
October 5th Finale Qualifying stage where we reveal the 10 competing teams.
Total prize money: 60 Ethereum
October 19th First Competition update show
November 2nd Second Competition update show
November 16th Third Competition update show
November 30th Fourth Competition update show
December 14 Fifth Competition update show
December 28 Sixth Competition update show
January 4 Seventh Competition update show
January 18 Eighth Competition update show
February 1st Grand Finale
Total prize money: 700 Ethereum

Essential information for ICO contributors:

No matter what kind of token sale, certain details should always be shared with all interested supporters beforehand. For security reasons some details may only get published close to the dates of the actual token sale, nonetheless, they will always be stated.

General information RevenYOU, Blockchain and YOUtokens

Can YOUtokens be minted?

No, the genesis block already determines the total supply of YOUtokens. The hard cap is set to 6,425 billion YOUtokens.The YOUtokens are pre-minted.

Softcap to get RevenYOU live?

€10.000.000 (made)

Hardcap of the token sale?

€35.000.000* / ETH 70.000 (*when the price for 1 ETH = €500)

Hardcap of the YOUtoken?

Supply: 6.425.000.000 YOUtokens

What is the token structure?


What is the standard price for one YOUtoken?

1 YOUtoken = 0,00002ETH (€0,01*) 1000 YOUtokens = 0,02ETH (€10,- *)(*when the price for 1 ETH = €500)



What proportion of YOUtokens will be sold to the public? And as a liquidity reserve?

Public: 52% 4.370.787.500
Reserve: 32%: 1.398.652.000 *
(The system needs liquidity. Tokens who we sell and buy to manage easy trading)

What proportion will go to the

9%: 393.370.875
mind the lock-up periods
33,3%: January 2019
33,3%: January 2020
33,3%: January 2021

What proportion will go to the advisors?

1%: 43.707.875

What proportion will go to the affiliate, etc?

2%: 87.415.750

What proportion will go to the RevenYOU Hackathon winner?

2%: 87.415.750

What proportion will go to partnerships

1%: 43.707.875


Allocation of proceeds

How will the received funds be used?

The core of the company is building a great platform/product and made sure everyone benefits from this. All of our resources go to this core. The biggest part of the funding will be invested in the RevenYOU community. Supporting and investing in the community and give the developers the best technology and intelligence. So everyone go prosper. This will always be at the core of what RevenYOU does and will always remain its signature.



Token Allocation and vesting

What criteria apply to teams accessing tokens retained in the sale?

There will be a lock-up period on the team bonus. RevenYOU is here for the long term!

33,3%: January 2019

33,3%: January 2020

33,3%: January 2021

Please show me the essentials of the smart contracts

Contract Name RevenYOU
Token Name YOUToken
Token Symbool YOU
Decimalen 18
Token Type ERC223
Crowdsale Type Pre-Sale
Token Rate 50000
Hard Cap 6425000000 tokens
Sof Cap 0
Start Date 2018-07-09 : 00:01
End Date 2018-11-30 : 00:01
Transferable Ja
Finalize 2019-01-01-00:01
Max investments 0 ETH
Min investments 0 ETH
VIP bonus investering van 1700 ETH of meer
Pre-sale bonus 25% bonus
tokensale 15% 15% bonus
tokensale 10% 10% bonus
tokensale 5% 5% bonus
Contributie Bonus (Min) 10 ETH
Contributie Bonus (Max) 100.00 ETH
Eigen Coins 1.398.652.000
Team 1 Coins 131.104.417
Team 2 Coins 131.104.417
Team 3 Coins 131.104.417
Bounty Coins 87.415.750
advisors 43.707.875
affiliate 87.415.750
partners 43.707.875

Why does RevenYOU need to sell tokens?

The more money RevenYOU gets, the faster we can add intelligence to PORTAL and grow the quality of the trading algorithms. However, there is a limit; we need to ensure the fast and sound growth of YOUtoken.

How much is one YOUtoken?

0,01 Euro. That is one euro cent.
Or +/-
-1,22 Dollar cent
-1,32 Yen
-1,19 Swiss franc cent (Rappen)
-0,87 Penny (0,087 British pounds)
-7,6 Yuan cents

What about YOUtoken distribution?

YOUtokens will be distributed at 1-1-2019.

An overview of tokens purchased is always available in the backend online. From the moment the app goes live YOUtokens can be used to get algorithms trading for you. The interchangeable character of the coin also makes it possible to resell your YOUtokens to another user.


Why will YOUtokens grow in value?

They’re designed that way! That’s the beauty:

  1. A great idea and it’s already working.
  2. YOUtoken is the fuel which all RevenYOU users need to use.
  3. RevenYOU creates a lot of transactions for exchanges.

Exchanges really love YOUtokens.

Where can I sell it?

Use your YOUtokens to make money by using the app for selling your tokens, or sell at numerous other places and exchanges. We’ll inform you on where and what those are.

What is a YOUtoken?

YOUtokens are the company utility asset, as well as the currency used in the RevenYOU app. YOUtokens are required to access the functionalities of the platform, such as using the algorithms. They enable transactions through the RevenYOU network, and amongst consumers, and developers.

Is the investing or trading done with YOUtokens?

No, You invest with the assets you have on your exchanges. The Bots trade the currencies on the exchanges for you. YOUtokens make the Bots go prosper.

Can I make payments with my YOUtokens?

No, within the RevenYOU app tokens can only be used for access to in app services.

When can I sell my tokens?

1-1-2019. The reason for this is RevenYOU will be a more matured platform. RevenYOU is ready and functioning now; the ‘Portal’ works but these are still the early days. In June 2018, the Alpha version went live and the first algorithms are beating as you read this. In September 2018, the first group of developers will begin with real currencies, and in at the beginning of 2019, RevenYOU is live for the all; all users and all developers will join.

Token Sale (Bonus)

When starts the whitelisting?

It started! Click here. Tokensale starts 9-7-2018. Be in front.

Can I get a bonus or discount?

Yes! However, RevenYOU is a serious platform with serious value. We believe every YOUtoken is valuable.

Bonus VIP YOUtoken sale

Period: 9 July – 26 August 2018
Bonus: 30%
Minimum amount: ETH 200 (€ 100.000*) equivalent. (*when the price for 1 ETH = €500)

Bonus YOUtoken sale of July / August

Period: 9 July – 26 August 2018
Bonus: 25%
Minimum amount: ETH 0,2 (€ 100,-) or equivalent

Bonus YOUtoken sale of September

Period: 27 August 2018 – 24 September 2018
Bonus: 15%

Bonus YOUtoken sale of October

Period: 25 September 2018 – 24 October 2018
Bonus: 10%

Bonus YOUtoken sale of November

Period: 25 October 2028 – 30 November 2018
Bonus: 5%

Yearly YOUtoken bonus

YOUtokens kept in the platform receive an annual 10% utility bonus.

USA Tokensale

Only for sophisticated investors. Please contact: [email protected]

How do I contact RevenYOU?

Email RevenYOU at [email protected]

Buying tokens with cryptocurrencies

Can I buy YOUtokens with other cryptocurrencies?

No, only Ethereum. We are exploring more options like Euros, but for now we prefer ethers.

How do I know it all went well?

Just before you pay, you create a login. The login gives you access to your personal login page. This is where you can see your YOUtokens.

What information do I have to provide?

RevenYOU must follow the ‘KYC’: Know Your Customer’ rules. A requirement of this is to submit a copy of your passport with recent photograph. GDPR rules apply. RevenYOU also requires your country and address. Your data is safe with RevenYOU. Your data is never shared with other parties unless you specifically give permission. RevenYOU keeps your data encrypted.

What if I lose my login and password?

Just contact us, we’ll help you. The RevenYOU team can reset settings and enable access by using a smart user identification algorithm, so even if you lose your phone and your login password, no problem – we go this.

Where can I view my YOUtokens?

Just head to your personal login page on the RevenYOU app for an overview of your YOUtokens.

Coin ICO

What is the name of the token?

The RevenYOU token is called a YOUtoken.

Is it Ethereum based?

Yes – ERC223.

Why, when Ethereum is slow and costly?

Ethereum is proven and interchangeable. RevenYOU solved the speed and costs issues using new technologies such as the uRaiden network.

Why are you using blockchain?

RevenYOU started with a concept and goal: democratize high yield trading and improve upon it. All RevenYOU needed was the intelligence of the world to enable this concept. The technology intelligence RevenYOU needed had to be cheap, stable, fair and transparent. When you add all this up, there is no substitute for blockchain technology.

How do I know that RevenYOU does not make extra?

Once settled in the blockchain, it’s almost impossible to manipulate or corrupt. This is why blockchain gets such great buzz.

When can I buy the tokens?

From June 2018 – only at

Will my token always retain its value?

YOUtoken is fuel for the RevenYOU bots. When kept in the RevenYOU system, a YOUtoken never loses it value but gains value 10% a year. The YOUtoken is needed for every in-app transaction, by every user in the world.

How will RevenYOU keep me posted?

The RevenYOU team has got your back 24/7. Info is always shared promptly and questions are answered as fast as our algorithms work – which is way fast!

Are you legit?

Yes, we are legit! RevenYOU is based in Switzerland, Zug. Reichlin Hess is our legal partner. We report – including the YOUtoken – under IFRS standards.

When can i sell my tokens?

1-1-2019. In July 2018, the Beta version goes live for the hackathon and in January 2019 the system needs your YOUtokens.

Is there a bonus for not selling?

Yes, when you keep YOUtokens in the RevenYOU system, you rise in the que line for getting access to the highest performing Bots. In the future, we consider an annual 10% activity bonus.

Is the token attractive for exchanges?

Early 2019, the YOUtoken goes public on different exchanges. We cannot go into this to deeply right now, but we have a lot to offer for exchanges and we understand the power of liquidity.

What’s the proces Step-by-step to invest in the RevenYOU pre-ITO with cryptocurrencies?

  • Click on ‘Buy YOUtokens’
  • Choose how many tokens you want to buy (we made an easy ETH calculator)
  • Fill in your name and other important information
  • Last: you wallet address to where we can send the YOUtokens.
  • Important: the smart contract and the ERC 223 eth make a save transaction

What happens next?

  • After a YOUtoken purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. We recommend to download the RevenYOU app now. The app is also your wallet with an overview of your YOUtokens.
  • You can also login to your personal page via the RevenYOU website.


  • In the ‘Payments’ tab under “My Account” you will find a record of all your previous transactions in the platform including all tokens previously purchased.


  • Go to the Profile tab under “My Account” to access your account information (login via app or website).


Enable two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app to ensure the highest level of security for your account. Click on Enable 2FA and scan the QR barcode. Enter the 6-digit code from the Google Authenticator app to generate backup codes. Store your backup codes in a safe place.

The Product

What is the RevenYOU app?

Bot algorithms trade better than humans, and RevenYOU lets you trade, using these powerful algorithms on your smartphone, and at the tap of the app. RevenYOU is as revolutionary as Airbnb or Spotify, but then in the trading arena. The best news is you can play and prosper right now!

What does the RevenYOU app do?

RevenYOU invests money like the best Wall Street bankers. RevenYOU does it with sophisticated trading algorithms, using Artificial Intelligence among other powerful punches of tech ready to rock the establishment.

What do RevenYOU algorithms do?

Trade automatically. Unlike bankers, bots don’t sleep. They trade 24/7. Algorithms are faster, more precise and more secure. Eighty percent of all professional trading is carried out this way right now. RevenYOU brings it to you fingertips, making it easy and fun.

Can I install the app for free?

Yes, RevenYOU gifts you an amount of YOUtokens so you can try out the fun for free. RevenYOU also has a ‘sandbox’ mode so you can give it a go without investing real money.

Can I let the algorithms make money for me?

Not yet, RevenYOU aims to kick off with real money in September 2018. RevenYOU sees returns of 35% above market, bearing in mind we are still in beta phase.

What happens if my investments crash at night while I’m sleeping?

The power of automated trading solve this issue: Choose an algorithm that sells all to a ‘safe haven’ when a crash is recognized. This provides basic protection of your investments.

How does RevenYOU make money?

RevenYOU gets a small fee when the algorithm makes a trade.

How much is that?

It depends: If you have a defensive strategy it can be 1% on a yearly basis. But there are also more expensive algorithms.

How do I know if an algorithm works?

You can see how well the algorithm performed in the past – in the last week, month, year, and other time frames.

Can I just choose the best algorithm and grow rich?

Yes, that can happen. RevenYOU recommends to use at least three different algorithms, and to check your algorithms from time to time. RevenYOU checks the performance of the algorithm closely: If in backtests the performance is way better than in real time, RevenYOU tells you, and could even close down the bot.

How much will I earn?

  • What international research tells us:
  • Algorithms work better: 76,4% of professional traders work with algorithms.
  • Nasdaq says: algorithms lower the risk (they sell in a bad market).
  • A.I. and deep neural networks will improve algorithms exponentially.
  • And: some algorithms make 70% in a day. 400% a year is not unusual.
  • However, results in the past do not guarantee results in the future.

On what markets?

We start with Cryptocurrency, then Forex (then all other normal currencies, Stock Markets and Bonds).

Can I sell it all?

Yes you can sell fast and easily, directly to your bank account. Selling fast is needed in panic times. Selling smart is what we recommend in regular times. (You are the only one who can do this, RevenYOU can NEVER withdraw money/valuta/currency).

Is it safe?

  1. Your money is on the exchanges where the stocks and currencies are listed. We only work with proven, big, exchanges.
  2. Our safety systems are the newest and most sophisticated. Created by hackers and tested by hackers.
  3. We split it all into pieces. So if a hack occurs, it has a small impact.
  4. Nobody has withdrawal rights only YOU.

Are there hidden costs?

  1. Prices can go up or down

no costs involved

  1. Algo can make a trade

The exchange wants a small fee (average 0,007% and we get a small fee average: (see the chart)

Are the ROI’s calculated inclusive all costs?

Yes! But remember: past results do not guarantee future results.

Do you also have ‘predictive’ trading Algorithms? That predict market moves?

Yes, a lot of them do, and a lot of them work. We also have A.I. algorithms. Artificial Intelligence that predicts even better.

Who makes the algorithms?

RevenYOU offers a unique platform for the development of algorithms. It’s open to all. Professional traders can join. Beginner traders can join. Over time RevenYOU will offer educational programs for every level of the user.

Is it always one person that makes a algorithm?

Only sometimes. Often an algorithm is actually a collective of algorithms and libraries. Example: An algorithm trades on the euro and one of a top 5 cryptocurrency.

It works together with an algorithm that chooses which cryptocurrency.

These two get information from a Library with media research reinforced with machine learning tools that tell the algorithms whether there is more negative or positive news.

Why are our trade robots the best?

  • RevenYOU is the open to all platform with the best trading robot toolbox ever to create intelligent self learning bots
  • Everybody; developers, a.i. Techs, professional traders and you, can join, test, en proof their trading robots.
  • Best of all: we all can build trading bot on trader bot on trader bot and combine and multiply the trading power.

Algorithm developers

How can I start?

For the first few months, RevenYOU works only with a pre-selected group of developers. The best way to start is to join the RevenYOU Hackathon. If you don’t want to compete, but still want to join send an email to [email protected]

How do I earn money?

The smart contract calculates your fee. You will be paid automatically via the blockchain when someone uses your algorithm. You will get paid in YOUtokens, this is the fuel for an active algorithm. With every transaction your bot makes, a tiny % goes for you. How much depends on: Trade volume, number of trades, users, bot makers.Not yet, RevenYOU aim to kick off with real money in September 2018. RevenYOU sees returns of 35% above market, bearing in mind we are still in beta phase.

Can you provide an example of the fee calculation?

Say you made an algorithm on your own. 5000 people use your algorithm for one month, with on average ETH1,5 (ca. $ 1050,-). Your algorithm makes an average six trades a day. The total monthly trade volume is (1,5 x 6 x 31 days) = ETH 2511. Your Bot is in the ‘daytrader fee category’, you get 0,002% = 5 ETH (ca. $ 3.500)

Which ‘fee’ categories are there? And what do I earn per trade of my algorithm?


Long-term 0,40%
Week trader 0,02%
Day trader 0,002%
Higher freq. (not HFT) 0,0001%

When do I get paid?

RevenYOU does not know yet. RevenYOU strives for once a day, or once every week. We understand the importance of speed.

How do I know it’s a fair game?

All this helps: Open blockchain, an open smart contract, insight in to fee parameters, and open chat with other developers.

What about coding, servers, API?

I cannot code, can I join?

We made our own language called YOUscript. You can learn it in a day. Please follow our social channels for our Academy roll-out, including easy tutorials.

I am a company, can I join?

Yes, please! We will offer customer management tools over time. In this way, you can manage the assets for your customers.

Who is the owner of the algorithm I created?

You are.

Can I move my algorithm to another platform?

Yes, but you need to follow the steps and requirements of ‘PORTAL’ Basically RevenYOU can connect all libraries together.

How much money will I make?

Users go for the best performing algorithms. However, (almost) all algorithms are limited in a number of users. So all popular algorithms have a queue or waitlist. Your job is to develop an even better algorithm. Users will find better algorithms quickly – and better could mean many things: Less risk, steady rize, pump/dump proof, crisis-proof, long-term yield, short-term yield. There are so many options and wishes.

Is the algorithm that wins the most profit a case of ‘winner takes all’?

No – almost all bots are limited to a number of users. So there is demand for a lot of different bots.

Can I make a group and co-create with other developers?

RevenYOU highly recommends co-creation. This way, expertise from different fields can come together to produce the most advanced algorithms. You can also use the libraries of other developers to enhance them with your vision and developer skills.

Is it time consuming?

In short – yes! Users will not deploy rubbish bots. They can view your test results. Quality and the time quality takes is essential.

How can I test results?

‘PORTAL’ can backtest faster than anything out there. This is very important! Testing means improving. Fast testing means fast improvements, without issues.

How do I promote my algorithm?

Besides promoting an algorithm’s trading qualities, enable users to get to know you. Make an honest and open introduction to yourself (or your team). Explain what your mission is, supply updates, and enrich the algorithm with meta information such as descriptions and tags.

Can someone steal or copy my algorithm?

No. Others can use your algorithm if you transfer it to the RevenYOU library, but the source code can never be accessed. If someone builds on your algorithm library, you will be paid in proportion to your contribution.

ICO & Token sale
ICO Date 8 August 2018
Number of tokens 6.425.000.000
Min investments 0,05 ETH
Funds raised € 660.000
VIP bonus
(8 - 26 aug)
30% more YOUtokens with a min investment of 1700-ETH
Token bonus
(8 - 26 aug)
25% more YOUtokens
Token bonus
(27 aug - 24 sept)
15% more YOUtokens
Token bonus
(25 sept - 24 oct)
10% more YOUtokens
Token bonus
(25 oct - 30 nov)
5% more YOUtokens
Buy tokens 15% bonus